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Disclo is on a mission to build a workplace that doesn’t discriminate on health and accommodation needs. Today, it's fascinating and baffling how complicated it is to disclose and ask for accommodations at work. We talked to hundreds of employees and employers who had nightmare stories to tell, and wondered to ourselves why nobody had solved this yet. That’s why, at Disclo, we’re setting out to make disclosing your disability or illness accessible, safe, and hopefully even fun.

About the role

Disclo is looking for a junior / mid-level freelance content writer to join our marketing team. The ideal candidate possesses an empathetic approach to writing and has a creative point of view. This person will be tasked with writing compelling and engaging content throughout different marketing channels such as newsletters, site resources, and social posts. 

What you’ll be working on

  • Developing content strategy and cadence.
  • Creating, organizing, and maintaining a content calendar.
  • Keeping up-to-date with news and developments from the disabled community.
  • Optimizing content using SEO best practices.
  • Collaborating with the design team to ensure brand consistency.
  • Drafting a variety of materials including site resources, newsletters, and social posts.
  • Writing content that will be seen by HR teams. 

You’d be a great fit if you...

  • Have 1-2 years of professional creative writing, copywriting, content/marketing experience. Experience in SaaS, Human Resources, or Humanitarian writing is a plus.
  • Are considered to have expert command of the English language and use of voice
  • Have the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and project manage your own work and time
  • Possess a deep intellectual curiosity and strong work ethic
  • Like being a part of a team – we work best with folks that have a team oriented mindset.
  • Desire to seek out diverse and unique POVs that differ from your own

❤️ Join our family!

At Disclo, we’re truly committed to inclusion — and our team reflects that. We have built a fun-loving, hard-working team that is diverse across the boundaries of gender, race, sexuality, and disability. Discrimination and hate never flies with us!

We value hard work, authenticity, and efficiency, and have no time for egos. We prioritize performance over pedigree, compensate fairly, and never take ourselves too seriously. We’re VC-backed, headquartered in Austin, TX and work 100% remotely.

Have any accommodation or access needs?

We are a team that truly believes in the value that individuals with disabilities bring to the workplace. If you have any trouble accessing this application, or our website, please send us an email at 

If you have any accommodation needs for your interview, please let us know. We are happy to make reasonable accommodations at any point during your employment. 

About Disclo:

Disclo is reimagining the way work accommodations are collected, managed, and verified within organizations. Thousands with disabilities are working daily without the tools they need to do their best work, with Disclo employees can get the help they need without the fear that has historically associated itself with disclosing to employers. Help us create a more accommodating world.