Job accommodations and self-ID, simplified.

Disclo helps you manage health disclosures and accommodation requests — while staying compliant with HIPAA and ADA regulations.



EEOC lawsuits were disability-related in 2020 (36%)

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Median cost to defend against disability discrimination lawsuits

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Average self-disclosure rate in the U.S.

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Of accommodations are free to the employer

Disclo's employer dashboard
For employers

Streamline the accommodations process for your team.

Workplace accommodations have historically been tricky to administer and manage. We take the complexity out of the equation.

Disclo is the first software for employers to collect, verify, and manage health disclosures and employee accommodation requests (HIPAA and SOC2 compliant, of course).

Disclo's employer dashboard
Integrate seamlessly with your HRIS software
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For employees

It's Disclo time.

Not everybody is able to work the same way. We built Disclo to demystify and untangle the accommodations process for employees and HR teams alike.

With Disclo, you can safely ask for, verify, and act on accommodation requests at work. We help employees secure the enhancements and protections they need to succeed in their careers without having to disclose their underlying medical condition to their employer.

Not everyone works the same,
that’s why there's Disclo.

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