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Disclo's employee dashboard

ADA Accommodations

Standardize and automate your workplace accommodation decisions. Enhance ADA compliance and boost employee satisfaction with Disclo.

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Diagram of top conditions and top requested accommodations. Top conditions are ADHD, anxiety, pregnancy, and flexible schedule. Top requested accommodations are remote work, flexible schedule, and ergonomic chair.

On-demand ADA accommodation automation

Disclo auto-verifies medical conditions for employee accommodation requests to ensure validity and necessity. We’ll take care of everything on the backend — you'll just need to conduct the interactive process and make decisions on requests through the Disclo platform.

"Disclo unlocks huge potential in the workforce by streamlining the process to ensure compliance and a safe, welcoming way for employees to bring their whole self to work."

Image of Sarah Smith, Former HR director at Quora.
Sarah Smith
Former VP of HR, Quora
Disclo's dashboard displaying accommodation request cases
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Get started in minutes

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and non-compliant apps for your workplace accommodations. Collect, manage, and track accommodation requests in one end-to-end HIPAA-compliant platform. Seamlessly integrate with your existing HR tech stack.

Integrate seamlessly with your HRIS software
Disclo's employee dashboard

Future-proof your team in just a few clicks

Amidst the return to office, expect an uptick in accommodation requests but don’t let it overwhelm your team. Stay ahead of requests while realizing the workforce productivity lift and efficiency gains with Disclo.

Two graphs showing the number of approved requests on a website. Overall, the image shows that the website is approving more requests than the previous month and compared to the national average.
Blurred out image of the Disclo platform. In front of the image is a short checklist including: confidential medical disclosure, easy sign-on and access, paperwork-free process for all, and employee dashboard with case details.

Be proactive, not reactive

Disclo’s data and reporting dashboard tracks trends and identifies gaps to help you understand your organization. Happy employees leads to higher productivity and lower attrition.

The new standard for
workplace inclusivity

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