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Why Disclo?

Discover the Disclo Way:
Company and Employee Protection Simplified

The 5-Part Problem

Workplaces are evolving.
You should, too.

The Disclo Solution

Workplace accommodations, simplified.

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  • Risk mitigation: We help companies comply with all EEOC-regulated laws (ADA, PUMP, PWFA) with enhanced documentation and time stamps for defensibility.
  • Automation: Disclo auto-verifies an employee's medical condition and need for accommodation, standardizing and digitizing the Interactive Process.
  • Out-of-the-box reporting: Get access to EEO-1 data, health and benefits insights, and more, directly in the Disclo Platform. Ready-to-use reports can be download in a few clicks.
  • On-demand experts: Receive support from on-demand ADA accommodations experts who are ready to help you with any guidance on regulations, active cases, or the Disclo platform.

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The Result

Happier employees and operational efficiency unlocked.

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  • Increase HR efficiency: 40% reduction in accommodation processing times.
  • Increase employee productivity: 72% of employers report that implementing an accommodation improved productivity.
  • Reduce employee turnover and retention: 90% of companies who make accommodations report retaining a valuable employee.
List of top requested accommodations with a smiling woman in the background.

The new standard for
workplace inclusivity

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About us

The hidden costs of internal accommodation processing.

Without using Disclo, managing, processing, and settling disability-related work requests can cost time and money.

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