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People gathered in an office around a person in a wheelchair

The Intersection of Mental Health and ADA Accommodations

Mental Health
Joshua Peterson, Melanie Whetzel

Webinar Description

Mental health now has the attention of most employers, in part due to the pandemic, however many company leaders are still struggling to understand the implications on their employees and their obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. At the same time, employees are unsure how to safely request the support they need at work.

Join our special guest from the Job Accommodation Network, Melanie Whetzel, Principal Consultant and Cognitive/ Neurological Team Lead, along with Joshua Peterson, Disclo’s Head of Workplace Accommodations and Experience, for an insightful discussion around mental health in the workplace.

Highlights will include:

- Keys to supporting workplace mental health

- Common accommodations for mental health conditions (and neurodivergence)

- Employer best practices under the ADA

- Real case examination and insights

Those in attendance will come away with a better understanding of the roles we all have in supporting a healthy and inclusive workplace, how to seek workplace support without divulging sensitive information, and how employers can increase satisfaction and retention.

More about our guest:

Melanie Whetzel provides expert level consultation and team leadership as a Lead Consultant on JAN’s Cognitive/Neurological Team. Melanie enables adults with disabilities to become effective self-advocates, to understand their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and to be effective employees. She also assists employers in understanding their responsibilities under the ADA and how to accommodate employees with disabilities so they can continue to work productively. Melanie specializes in learning disabilities, mental health conditions, intellectual/developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and brain injuries.

Melanie holds a Master of Arts degree in Special Education, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She has completed a graduate certification in Career Planning and Placement for Youth in Transition and is a certified Brain Injury Specialist.

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