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People gathered in an office around a person in a wheelchair

Introducing Disclo Hire, the first global interview accommodations product for candidates.

Kai Keane, Joshua Peterson, and Gregg Ohlsen (Lyra Health)

Webinar Description

Join Disclo as we celebrate the launch of Disclo Hire, Disclo's latest innovation and the first specialized reasonable accommodations product that caters specifically to jobseeker’s accommodation needs. Disclo Hire aims to foster an accessible and inclusive interview process for all candidates.

During this engaging session, you will be introduced to the transformative features of Disclo Hire through:

  • In-depth Overview of Disclo Hire: Understand the inspiration behind Disclo Hire and how it seamlessly integrates with your current hiring processes to enhance accessibility.
  • Key Product Features: Discover the innovative functionalities that set Disclo Hire apart, including customizable accommodation requests, real-time communication tools, and comprehensive compliance tracking.
  • Success Stories: Hear from Lyra Health’s Gregg Olhsen, Manager, Leaves and Accommodations, about their experience with Disclo and why they have chosen to add Disclo Hire.
  • Live Demonstration: Witness firsthand how Disclo Hire operates through a live demo showcasing its user-friendly interface and innovative features.

Join speakers Kai Keane, Disclo's Chief Product Officer, Joshua Peterson, Disclo’s Head of Accommodations, and our special guest and customer, Gregg Ohlsen, Manager, Leaves and Accommodations, at Lyra Health.

Collect, verify, and manage workplace accommodations all in one place.

Disclo helps you manage health disclosures and accommodation requests — while staying compliant with HIPAA and ADA regulations.

Let's Disclo!

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