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People gathered in an office around a person in a wheelchair

From Request to Resolution Expert Insights into Workplace Accommodations

Joshua Peterson, Taylor Gallo

Webinar Description

Join Disclo Live to discuss mental health in the workplace during Mental Health Awareness Month! Key topics include:

-Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)

-Mental health-related challenges, and -Navigating the nuances of Return-to-Office (RTO) policies This workshop will equip you with the essential skills and insights needed for effective workplace accommodation resolution.

Speakers: Joshua Peterson, Head of Accommodations and Client Experience at Disclo, Taylor Gallo, Accommodations & Client Support Specialist at Disclo

Collect, verify, and manage workplace accommodations all in one place.

Disclo helps you manage health disclosures and accommodation requests — while staying compliant with HIPAA and ADA regulations.

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