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Female doctor working on laptop. In the left corner is a Disclo verified symbol.
Female doctor working on laptop. In the left corner is a Disclo verified symbol.

If the employer doesn’t know an employee’s underlying condition or diagnosis, how do we know if the accommodation request is reasonable?

TLDR; Both Disclo and the employee’s medical provider are verifying the authenticity of the documentation and validating that the specific accommodation is appropriate for the condition listed by the employee.

Team Disclo
April 22, 2022

In an effort to protect employee privacy, as well as offer a safe place for employees to share outside of their HR department, Disclo never shares the nature of one’s disability with employers. TBH, it shouldn’t even matter. 

We’re taking the burden off of employers and utilizing our two-layer authentication process. Employee medical documentation is reviewed both by a medical provider and our internal staff here at Disclo. Don’t worry – we’ll make sure that the accommodation request matches up with the verified disability.  

If an employee decides that they would like to share their underlying condition with their manager, HR department, or team, that’s entirely up to them! We’ll provide employees with resources and tools to facilitate these conversations should they choose to do so. It’s important to remember that self-disclosure is a very personal and often highly stigmatized act for people, which is why Disclo keeps this information 100% secure.

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