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Title card with text "the ultimate inclusive gift guide"Title card with text "the ultimate inclusive gift guide"
Title card with text "the ultimate inclusive gift guide"

25 Accessible Gifts for Kids and Adults with Disabilities: A Comprehensive Guide

TLDR; Finding the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones can be challenging. When the person you’re shopping for has a disability or chronic illness, shopping for gifts becomes more than just finding something they’ll like — it’s about finding a gift they can enjoy regardless of their limitations.

Team Disclo
March 26, 2024

For this holiday shopping guide, we've curated a list of 25 inclusive gift ideas for people of all ages with differing abilities. Whether you're looking for fun, inclusive toys, stylish adaptive clothing, or game-changing assistive tech, we hope this resource can inspire you to find the perfect gift to make that special someone’s 2024 a little brighter.

1. LEGO® Play with Braille Set

Aimed at kids aged 6+, LEGO® Play with Braille helps children with visual impairment practice their communication skills while giving the whole family a way to play and learn together! The complete set includes two baseplates, over 250 bricks with studs that correspond to the printed numbers and letters in the Braille code, and six play starter activities to explore digitally and in print. It is fully compatible with all LEGO products and includes an adaptable customer service method for the visually impaired through the Be My Eyes mobile app.

2. Moxie

This next gift comes at a steep price point, but for any kid with social-emotional difficulty, neurodivergence, or depression, Moxie can be a real treat. Developed by Embodied, Moxie is a robot for kids that engages children in daily interactions. Its mentor, your child, helps Moxie learn to be a good friend to humans by understanding social cues, practicing patience, regulating emotions, and using appropriate listening and conversational skills. Using the most advanced video and audio technology, this incredible robot companion can see, hear, and even organically converse. Programmed specifically to cater directly to the mentor’s needs and interests, their progress is updated and tracked in the mobile parent app, which then adapts Moxie accordingly and offers parents helpful suggestions to supplement the learning journey. If cost is not an issue for you, and you and your little ones love tech and social learning, Moxie can’t be missed.

Image of Yogibo Bean Bag and Moxie Robot

3. Unhidden

Unhidden is a highly coveted clothing brand founded by disability advocate and fashion mogul Victoria Jenkins. It is designed for people who don’t wish to forego their style because of their disability. Featured in industry-leading spaces like Vogue, DAZED, and London Fashion Week, Unhidden’s disabled-led team proves that inclusive fashion has a rightful space in high fashion and continues to use its platform to enhance positive representation by uplifting models with disabilities and offering internships for respective communities. The UK-based brand offers a variety of affordable pieces for differing abilities, including trousers with adaptable closures for colostomy bags and limited mobility, dresses with buttonhole openings for tubes, and tops with sensory-friendly fabric and seam lines. You can browse their award-winning universal catalog and their current collaboration with sustainable independent clothing brands Lucy and Yak at

4. Curvd Earplugs

If a person in your life is sensitive to sound, treat them to some Curvd noise-reducing earplugs! Ergonomic, eco-friendly, and ultra soft, these low-profile earplugs are made with hypoallergenic, recyclable silicone ideally suited for a range of functions, including sleep, noise and sound sensitivity, concerts, parenting, focus, studying, motorcycles, and more. The plugs come with a sleek aluminum case designed for durability and convenience and ear tips in various sizes.

5. XBOX Adaptive Controller

Designed primarily to meet gamers' limited mobility needs, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is a unified hub for devices that helps make gaming more accessible. Built for and by people with disabilities through partnerships with The AbleGamers Charity, The Cerebral Palsy Foundation, SpecialEffect, Warfighter Engaged, and many community members, the controller is not only a true game-changer for differently-abled gamers but has been and continues to be a grand opportunity for the disability community to raise awareness towards engineering more inclusive worlds. The Xbox Adaptive Controller is highly customizable, with many ports to connect external items like switches, buttons, mounts, and joysticks, which can be controlled with assistive devices. It also comes complete with an Xbox Accessories app, where you can further personalize your experience through button remapping and profiles to create a custom controller experience best suited for the user.

Image of Lego: Braille Bricks and Adaptive NFL T-Shirt

6. NFL Adaptive and Assisted Apparel

The NFL's first-ever adaptive apparel line, designed in partnership with G-III Apparel group, offers inclusive fan merchandise for all 32 football teams. Featuring magnetic and button closures, adaptable seams for easy access, and sensory-friendly fabrics, these shirts and hoodies allow fans of differing abilities to cheer on their favorite team with more confidence, autonomy, and comfort. You can shop the NFL adaptive collection on their official site or other supplying vendors like

7. Victoria's Secret Adaptive Lingerie

Check out the Victoria’s Secret Adaptive Styles line. Made in partnership with disability-led GAMUT Management, this collection offers adaptive lingerie with features like magnetic closures, front strap adjusters, and sensory-friendly fabric. Featuring a wide variety of styles and colors from the Body by Victoria and Wear Everywhere line, available in cups AA-G, bands 30-44, and XS to XXL, the collection aims to make comfortable, beautiful intimates accessible for a broader range of body types. A PINK Adaptive collection also caters to more youthful and casual styles.

8. Quiet Mind Pillow

The Quiet Mind Original Weighted Pillow provides next-level physical and mental comfort through Deep Pressure Stimulation technology, proven to improve sleep, lower stress levels, increase attention span, and reduce sensory overload. Its highly applauded soothing properties, durable design, and portable form factor make it a valuable gift for stress- and anxiety-prone loved ones.

9. Bibipins Sliding Spoons Pin

If you have a Spoonie*, they’ll probably love the Bibipins Sliding Spoons Pin. Cute, functional, and engaging, this pin is an excellent gift for those who wish to communicate their energy levels while embracing pride and camaraderie in the chronic illness community. If you’re interested in seeing more items like these for other disabilities, you’re in luck. This “disabled, black & queer owned business” sells a myriad of similar products for neurodivergence, mental illness, and other such differently-abled communities. They also sell compression items for swelling and pain, gender-affirming binders, disability pride apparel, and more.

*For those who may not understand the meaning of this gift, spoons are often used in disability conversations as a symbol to demonstrate how much energy a person with chronic illness has each day and how much is used up doing simple tasks like washing or getting dressed. The reference to spoons was started by chronic illness blogger and patient advocate Christine Miserando in 2003 and is referenced frequently to this day, particularly in online disability communities.

10. GlassOuse hands-free mouse

Designed specifically for people with physical disabilities, the GlassOuse hands-free mouse provides a life-changing way for those with moderate to severe limited mobility to control devices unconventionally with multiple possibilities of use. The product works by slipping the device on like a pair of glasses and using head movements to navigate a cursor. It can connect wirelessly to almost all Bluetooth-compatible devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even smart TVs. This adaptive tech is relatively new, so price points are high, but its sophisticated tech can track even the slightest head movements. They also hold an extensive range of similar products catering to different abilities if better alternatives exist than head mobility.

11. AbleNet All-Turn-It Spinner

Make game night more inclusive with the AbleNet All-Turn-It Spinner! A button-activated “dice spinner,” the AbleNet All-Turn-It eliminates the need to physically roll dice, empowering individuals with diverse abilities to enjoy board games with more autonomy, excitement, and fun. The spinner is very customizable, with different overlays, symbols, or images to replace the default dice backing, making it compatible with most games. You can even attach your touch switch if desired.

12. Yogibo Bean Bag

Yogibo loungers are versatile bean bags designed to be highly flexible to all kinds of relaxing support. Whether you’re looking for a chair to sit upright or one that can melt around you in calming compression, there’s likely a Yogibo Lounger option for all comfort needs, ages, and ability levels. With various shapes and more than 20 different color choices, their lightweight, flexible-yet-supportive structure, and a cotton-spandex machine-washable cover to ensure easy care and longevity, they make ideal gifts for bodies of all types seeking a physically supportive and soothing seat.

13. Kizik Shoes

Kizik makes some of the very few truly hands-free shoes on the market today, with their unique HandsFree Labs® technology incorporating bounce-back titanium arc heels flexible enough to create a reliable, seamless, and comfortable slip-on experience. But the next best thing about them is that they don't compromise style for adaptability. Kizik offers various attractive styles that look and feel like standard sneakers, with designs ranging from classic tennis shoes to stylish canvas kicks to their brand-new Juno snow boots.

14. AbleNet Keys-U-See Keyboard

Consider the adaptive AbleNet Keys-U-See large print keyboard for the older or visually impaired. This affordable yet game-changing keyboard has the largest print on keycaps available in a full-size keyboard. Further, with its high-contrast color options, this keyboard's letters can more easily be seen, even in low light. Keys-U-See is a USB keyboard with internet, multimedia, and energy-saving hotkeys. You can find this keyboard on AbleNet’s site, at, or third-party retailers like Amazon, Office Depot, and Walmart.

Image of XBOX Adaptive Controller and AbleNet Keys-U-See Keyboard

15. ElliQ

ElliQ is a tabletop AI companion robot designed to support and accompany older adults on the journey to age independently while reducing loneliness and isolation. The product is intended to be accessible for those with all technology experience levels through voice commands, on-screen instructions, and proactive suggestions that naturally and effortlessly encourage user interaction. The ElliQ proactively engages and connects with its users with positive small talk and daily conversation helps set and achieve health and wellness goals by encouraging physically and mentally beneficial activities, and even offers opportunities for new experiences like guided virtual tours, trips, and cultural explorations. The user can also interact with the device via voice or touch to make and receive calls, get weather updates, play games, listen to music, and more. The device is subscription-based, but ElliQ partners with Area Agencies on Aging across the US to provide the ElliQ service at no cost to eligible applicants.

16. Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer

This hairdryer’s ergonomic, lightweight, and self-oscillating nozzle makes it perfect for those with dexterity and mobility differences. Though the barely-over-a-pound Nanoe is small, it packs a lot of power, with 1850 watts of quiet and versatile power in 3 heat and 2-speed settings to achieve your ideal drying experience. With attachments for various hair types and a travel-friendly, family-friendly, inclusive design, this hairdryer offers convenience for hair-havers of all ability levels, ages, and body types.

17. Roka Glasses and Sunglasses

Roka eyewear uses "GEKO retention technology" to keep glasses secure, comfortable, and in place through rain, sweat, hiking, and even kayaking. Not only are they a great gift for the adventure-seeking, outdoorsy folks in your life, but they are also ideal for those with upper-body mobility issues, hand dexterity, or tremors for a more hassle-free eyewear experience. Roka offers this retention feature in many frame shapes, sunglasses, and eyewear with and without prescription lenses.

Image of Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer and Roka Glasses and Sunglasses

18. The Blind Kitchen Pie Maker Collection

Founded by Debra Erikson, disability advocate, chef, and culinary instructor for people who are blind, The Blind Kitchen is a hub for the visually impaired to access adaptive tools, helpful strategies, and specialized knowledge to cook safely, confidently, and independently. The Blind Kitchen's Pie Maker Collection is a perfect holiday gift for your visually impaired or limited mobility loved ones to join the pie-making festivities! The set features all the adaptive tools (15) one could need to make a pie, including an adjustable rolling pin, crust crimper, egg separator, portion scoop, oven rack guards, and more. Suppose you’re interested in adaptable kitchen sets like these. In that case, The Blind Kitchen has an excellent selection for various use cases, with the option to purchase tools separately. Nearly all products come with an accompanying tutorial taught by Debra Erikson herself, where she goes in-depth on each adaptive tool, provides cooking instructions, and shows us just how enjoyable inclusive cooking can be.

19. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Voted as The Strategist’s best budget-conscious ergonomic office chair of 2023, the Modway Articulate chair is a great inclusive gift option for anyone who might spend long hours sitting at their desk. Dr. Rudy Gehrman, founder of Physio Logic, recommends this chair for its supportive mesh and highly adjustable seat features. With adjustable back height, seat depth, and armrest positioning, you can fit this chair uniquely to nearly any height and size. It also includes tilt tension and lock functions to recline comfortably as needed.

20. CatTongue Gription Tape

Founded by Missy and Matt Kelley to enhance daily anti-slip technology, CatTongue’s non-slip grip products have created revolutionary solutions for people with disabilities in countless ways, like increasing wheelchair feet stability and strengthening eating utensil grip. Easily customized to any size, their non-slip Gription® roll is a tool for stabilizing your grip on anything, anywhere, like canes, walkers, hearing aids, wheelchair foot pads, and other accessibility equipment. It’s also great for enhancing sports performance, creating innovative household solutions, and protecting your most valuable equipment from risk.

21. Inclusive Squishmallows

Squishmallows are an excellent plushie for anyone looking for an ultra-soft, ultra-cute companion. Taking to their widespread internet popularity, Squishmallow fans rave about why these collectible plushies are perfect for stimming, sensory calming, emotional support, and even physical support. But perhaps the most noteworthy feature of these marshmallow-soft friends is their diversity in disability representation. From neurodivergence to hearing and visual impairments, many Squishmallows have personality tags that include ability diversity in their backstories. Check out Reviewed by USA Today’s list of 10 Squishmallows with disabilities to learn more.

22. Electric Wine Opener

This automatic corkscrew is an excellent gift for hostesses and individuals who find manual corkscrews challenging. With the push of a button, it provides easy access to a good time without hassle. Cuisinart’s electric wine opener packs the power to open 50 bottles of wine in just one full charge, and its stainless steel exterior makes it sleek, durable, and easy to clean. You can find this affordable, guaranteed party-pleaser on Amazon, most major third-party retailers, or at Cuisinart’s online shop.

Image of Quiet Mind Pillow and Kizik Shoes

23. Jansport Adaptive Collection

Created in collaboration with Disability:IN, Jansport's Adaptive Collection offers bags with award-winning accessible features for limited dexterity, like tangle-proof shoulder straps, fumble-free release buckles, and easy-grab zipper pulls. The collection features an adaptive backpack and crossbody bag available in various colors and patterns in the classic Jansport style and at an affordable price that we know and love.

24. Guide Eyeliner Duo

GUIDE Beauty is an adaptable beauty brand led by renowned disability artists Terri Bryant and Selma Blair. They create high-quality, affordable makeup products that are cruelty- and vegan-free, ophthalmologist-approved, ergonomically, and universally designed to literally “guide” your hand for more glamorous and near-perfect makeup solutions for everybody. Their Guide eyeliner duo has received many awards for its ability to make pro-artistry eyeliner application achievable for anyone, including the Essence Best in Black Beauty Award, Allure’s Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award, the Daytime Beauty Award, and Oprah Magazine’s Best Eyeliner Award. It comes complete with an easy-to-hold wand design, built-in finger rest and open “window” for easy visibility, and a dermatologist-recommended rich eyeliner formula for vibrant pigments that stay fresh all day.

25. Books about Disability & Inclusion

Books are a fantastic way to express care and empathy to your differently-abled loved ones while also showing support to authors with disabilities and their communities at large. Alice Wong’s Disability Visibility, Shayda Kafai’s Crip Kinship, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha’s Care Work, and Zach Anner’s If At Birth You Don’t Succeed are just some of the many recent books written by and for the disability community. You can also consider elevating the impact of your gift by shopping from your local disabled-owned bookstore

Gift-giving is a unique way to show your love and appreciation for friends and family, and it's even more meaningful when you can choose gifts that cater to their individual needs and preferences. For the holidays, giving a gift that considers a person’s differences and abilities can make for more valuable and enjoyable gifts and is also a great way to maintain and encourage more intentional and thoughtful inclusive practices throughout the holiday season. 

Our gift guide is designed to not only offer more accessible gift-giving ideas but also to encourage, celebrate, and support the creative and innovative solutions our world has created in the pursuit of more inclusive futures for everybody. 

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